We are exporter Fresh green vegetable  of  Potatoes ,Okra Eggplant ,Wax Gourd, Banana flower, Sweet potatoes ,carrot, Sea fish MAWS Dry red Chile ,according to the customer needs.

Vegetable 1Fresh potato Vegetable 2eggplant Vegetable 3Okra Vegetable 4Wax Gourd
Vegetable 4Banana Flower Vegetable 5Small –Better Melon(Gourd) Vegetable 6Winged Bean Vegetable 7

Fresh vegetable

Vegetable 8Carrot Vegetable 15Sweet potatoes Vegetable 16Dry fish Vegetable 10Fish  MAWS
Vegetable 11Sea Fresh fish MAWS Vegetable 12Sea Dried Koral Fish MAW Vegetable 13Dry Red Chile Vegetable 14Fresh Natural Dry Fish