Tamim Contract Farm

Poultry Feed

In Bangladesh we are one of the largest poultry farming and feed producer among top ten companies. We have operations of Contract Broiler Farming per month placement associated with more than 200 farms.

These produced chicken from the Contract firms we have supplied in various markets like Dhaka, Chittagong etc. Almost 250 broiler traders associated with us under contract Broiler Farming directly and indirectly.

This model protects and retains the interests of both the farmer and the integrator. The popularity of this model is influenced by the fact that the integrator takes most of the risks as opposed to an independent farmer. The integrator takes full responsibility for providing day-old chicks, feed, medicines and supervision to the farmers.

As of today, over 500 empowered farmers and 800 prosperous rural households’ people reflect Tamim Agro Integrated contract farm’s commitment to improving the social and economic status of rural Bangladesh.

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