Company Overview

TAMIM GROUP is standing on the base of its motto which is 


Tamim Group is one of the largest and most significant groups of companies, active in the production of animal feeds, edible oil, animal feed ingredients, and raw materials, animal nutritional products, electrical and power apparatuses, substation equipments, pp woven bags, non-woven bags, dairy products, and various agricultural commodities as well as in the operation of hatcheries, commercial poultry farms, and organic cattle farms.

The group consists of thirteen segments. Each segment is governed as a separate entity, but managed as a single unit through a divisional organization system.

The history of Tamim Group begins with the inception of M/S Progati Enterprise in 1994 and the setting off to provide services to the government power sector. Henceforward, it has grown fast and steadily to accumulate ventures in agricultural sectors, namely, Tamim Agro Industries Ltd., which comprises feed mills (Care Feed) and rice bran oil mill (Dhaani Fortified Rice Bran Oil), Tamim Hatchery Ltd., Tamim Poultry Farms, which ensure the production and the selling of DOCs (day old chicks), eggs and consumer level hygienic chickens, and other concern companies, namely, PP Woven Bag Plant, Electropac Engineering Ltd. North Garden School and College, Ayaan International, Hasan Enterprise, Jovial Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Tamim Cattle and Dairy Ranch, Tamim Fish Projects.

Presently, concerns of Tamim Group employ approximately a thousand employees. The group has a hundred business partners in the agricultural and power industry, in edible oil, energy-electrification, and in the agricultural sector and that is on the whole national level.

Fostering professionalism and corporate values in their approaches, our member companies assert an ethical approach in continuing team effort, reliability, total quality, long-term cooperation, social responsibility, and sustainability.

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