Electropac Engineering Limited

Electropac Engineering Limited

We, the first ever manufacture of distribution transformers and substation Equipment’s in north Bangal. With the backing of our group’s Experience in related field for over decades spanning across power segments, we have the strengths to deliver performance driven quality products to suit the needs of the clients. With all the positive response Electropac Engineering private Limited has managed to get a tag of the first substation equipment manufacture transformers and assemble switchgear panels, is located at the outskirts of Bogura , Jahangirabad. The plant is Equipped with its own testing facility steel (For the core), copper (For the coils) and transformer grade oil are imported from reputable sources from around the world. Switchgear components are sourced from Brands such as ABB, LG/LS, SIEMENS, Togami, FRAKO, Suzuki, EPCOS, Ducati and many others.
We also has an organized power-coating plant within the factory premises so that from this point onwards all our transformers and switchgear receive power-coated finish. This plant was setup with the intention that it be available for both our internal needs as well as for prospective clients who would like to avail this service from us, as a separate contract manufacturing service, for their powder-coating needs. We have our in house our transformer tank and radiator fabrication section insides the factory premises.

Environment in the Organization

We provide a dynamic work Environment for our Employees and reward them with exceptional opportunities for professional growth. Our class manufacturing house skilled and dedicated personnel. Driving from our professional Expertise, We design and produce substation Equipment’s to meet the ever changing complex needs of the clients. We have passion for Excellence in design and performance, and thus deliver maximum value for our clients.

Our products:

• Distribution transformers up to MVA – LBS
• HV Switchgears – power management solutions
• LV Switchgears – Electrical licensing and system design
• VCB – Industrial automations
• EPAC there phase distribution transformers

Electropac Engineering private Limited uses the latest and advanced technology to enhance quality and has come up with conventional type of distribution transformers that will have a robust design and sturdy construction which are supplied both in stacked core and wound core versions from 100 KVA to 5000 KVA.

12 KV HT switchgear

• 630A-1250A
• LBS from 315kVA
• 630KVA substation
• VCB above 630kVA substation

Power Factor Improvement Plant – PFI

• 10kVAR-3400kVAR
• Capacitor + Magnetic
• Contactor + PFC Relay
• HRC fuse / MCB/MCCB
• HRC fuse / MCB/MCCB
• Frequency 50/60 Hz
• ICE standards

0.41 KV LT switchgear

• 25A-6300A
• frequency 50/60 Hz
• ICE standards

Transformer maintenance service:

Electropac Engineering privet Limited are specialized maintaining and servicing the transformers including Overhauling. We are specialized in the repairing the transformers and able to care for the transformer repairing in India and rewinding of the transformer as needed. We have been working in this field for several decades and have been able to provide impeccable facilities to our customer. Due to our considerable industry experienced, we have been able to provide our clients with a range of repair and rewinding service. Our department utilizes state-of – the-art Equipment and high-quality coaches to deliver programs of pleasure.

ELB (Electrical licensing board) and load sanctioning:

Our team maintains an excellent liaison with the Authorities for the ultimate benefit to our customers. This service is provided at an additional fee. Customers have the option of engaging our experienced logistics teams to pursue ELB and load sanctioning services for their projects on their behalf. During the entire process our logistics team work closely with the customer to collect, process and deliver relevant paperwork to the appropriate authorities.