Tamim Dairy Farm

TAMIM DAIRY FARM is following the the traditional, ancient local method of farming. At our Bogura Tamim Eco-Dairy farm section, we uphold the principles inherent in this self-sustaining and cow protecting method.

Our farms are small but self-sustaining.

  • We have two different sectionsBogura farm: specially for milk production.

  • Kishoregonj farm: Specially for beef production based on Eid festival.

Specifically we keep eye one bellow two points in our farm premises.

  • Our calves suckle from their mothers until weaned

  • We primarily milk by hand



Our delicious, vitamin D rich, pure milk is delivered to our customers daily and we have over 1000 names on our waiting list.

On the other hand our cattle have high value in the beef industry. During Eid season almost all of our cattle are sold by pre-booking or over online.


Our male calves are used to voice commands and will not need nose rings as many of the herd have, as they have been rescued from commercial diaries. We do not brand or label our animals. Rather, we treat them as family members.


In summary: We are non-violent and love our animals, and they love us too!

For information on Tamim dairy farm yourself.

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