company history


  • 2006

    Tamim Agro Industries Ltd. Start with a small service

    Tamim agro industries ltd. was established in the year 2006 with a goal of achieving revolution in the area of agriculture by increasing quality and improvement in quality of products by manufacturing the animal feed products in all segments like aqua, cattle/rumen, poultry & customised feed solutions in the country. Since the inception of tamim agro industries ltd. the company founder Mr. Md Shahjahan Ali has been responsible for translating his many year of field experience into abstaining and innovative products from across the globe that will benefit you as our customer & our environment.

  • Sales

    85 M.USD

    The company has a team of professionally qualified well experienced persons in the field of manufacturing, formulations & marketing.

  • Manpower

    Employees : 110 & Worker : 600

  • Journey

    15 years


    1. Intensive Quality & Safety                                                                      2. Customer & Consumer Centric
    3. Innovation and R&D Focus
    4. Sustainable Development
    5. Brand Building
    6. Agricultural Growth
    7. Empowering Agribusiness
    8. Ensuring Consistency
    9. Generating Remittances


    Tamim Group

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